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Bark Scorpion | Pest Control Services


Bark Scorpions | Pest Control Services

Understanding Bark Scorpions (Centruoides vittatus)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Bark Scorpions in Round Rock
  • Bark Scorpion Identification:
    • Physical Characteristics
    • Habitat and Distribution
  • Behavior and Life Cycle:
    • Diet and Predators
    • Mating and Reproduction
    • Adaptability
  • Bark Scorpion Stings:
    • Symptoms and Severity
    • Treatment and First Aid
  • Preventing Bark Scorpion Encounters:
    • Habitat Modification
    • Exclusion Techniques
  • Professional Pest Control Services:
  • Conclusion: Living Safely with Bark Scorpions

When it comes to pest control services in Round Rock, Texas, understanding the common pests in the area is crucial. The most common scorpion in Texas is the Striped Bark Scorpion named so because it has stripes and likes to live in and around fallen logs and trees, but it will also take refuge in just about any cover including rocks,  fallen leaves, and debris. They will even live in your attic!

Bark scorpion's distinctive pincers and segmented tail.

Behavior and Adaptability

Bark Scorpions have the ability to moderate their metabolism allowing them  to live through even the toughest of winters and the hottest of summers. In  fact, the hotter and drier the summer the better for these non-insect arthropods.

Bark scorpion trapped in a glue board, demonstrating a pest. Bark Scorpion photo taken by Pest Wranglers - Pest Control in Round Rock, Texas control method

Scorpions bear live young having around 30 in each litter. After birth the  young scorpions climb up to ride on mama until their first molt after which they move on to begin life on their own. This is a good thing to remember  when trying to dispose of a scorpion in your home. Your first instinct may be to grab a shoe and smash the mama scorpion, but this may not kill the  babies. The best course of action is to scoop the scorpion live and flush it  away. By doing this you’ve gotten mama and all the babies.

Nocturnal Habits and Ecological Role

Scorpions are active foragers and search for their prey during the night when they can better regulate their body temperature and water balance. It also helps them avoid some predators, such as birds and other reptiles that are active during the day. Scorpions are a beneficial part of our ecosystem, eating spiders and small insects, but that is of little comfort when you find one in your shoe!

Bark scorpion hiding under a rock. Pest Control Services in Round Rock

Poison and Human Interaction

While scorpions are poisonous, they do not pose a lethal threat to most humans unless you have an allergic reaction to the sting. The poison is delivered via their tail and, while painful, reports of lethal encounters are not well substantiated. The sting will likely produce a bit of swelling and a burning sensation localized to the area. It may also itch after a day or two.

Bark scorpion's distinctive pincers and segmented tail.

Prevention and Professional Help

To lessen the chances of encountering a scorpion, remove their habitat from the immediate area of your home. This means keeping piles of bricks, stones, and especially wood on the perimeter of your property rather than next to your house or, worse yet, in your garage. If you do find yourself with a scorpion problem, professional pest control services are essential. If you’re searching for “pest control service near me” or need advice on pest control in Round Rock, Texas, companies like Pest Wranglers can provide effective solutions.

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