Pet Waste Removal

Pest Wranglers provides superior pest control services to residential and commercial customers.

Through thorough and attentive inspections we find the root of the pest problem so we can treat not only the symptom, but the cause as well.

Pet Waste Removal

Let’s face it. We love our pets, but we don’t love poop duty! Poop Wranglers offers weekly pet waste removal for less that you’re paying the kids in allowance, probably. Removing pet waste not only makes for a more enjoyable yard experience, but it also helps keep fly populations around your home to a minimum by taking away a breeding site. We can even sanitize and deodorize the yard if you like.

Poop Wranglers doesn’t just scoop and deposit into your cans, either. We haul it away for good so let us pick up what Fido leaves behind!

Need poop removal for a large area like a dog park or your apartment complex? We have special rates for you!
(limited service area)

Got a critter? We can handle it!

Peace of Mind – Year-round

The best part of our Bi-Monthly program is that we can maintain the barrier from the outside of your home in most cases. This keeps chemicals away from the inside of your home, family and pets plus you don’t need to be home for the treatment in most cases.

Pest Wranglers will notify you well in advance of the planned treatment time and date and, unlike other companies who give you a window of afternoon or morning, we give you a window of only two hours so if you want to be present during the service you don’t have to waste several hours of your time waiting for us to show up!


Every other month
Family & Pet Friendly
2-hour RSVP window