Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

Definitely not! We think from a customer perspective and contracts only benefit the company certainly not the customer. We believe contracts are unnecessary when we keep customers happy.

Is your treatment safe?

Most of our treatments are performed by applying product into cracks, crevices, and voids where it will only affect the target pest and where pets and people cannot come into contact with it. Every treatment is guided by the label of the product in use. We will always notify you if there is an area pets and people should avoid.

How often should I get pest control?

This is a difficult question because everyone and every house is different. We feel that pest control should only be performed when the critters are a danger or nuisance to you, your family, your home or business. Sometimes a single treatment is all that is needed while other times a regular program is warranted. We will never try to “Sell” you something you don’t need.

What if I have a pest issue between regular visits?

We gotcha covered. We never charge for service calls to treat for covered pests between regular visits.

What is a covered pest?

Residential customers are covered for normal house hold pests like American and Smoky Brown roaches, many species of ants including fire ants, rover ants (some people call them sugar ants), scorpions, wasps, silverfish, earwigs, pill bugs, millipedes, centipedes, spiders, and more.

Why aren’t fleas/ticks, mosquitoes and other pests covered?

Not everyone has a flea problem or mosquito or other non-covered pest problem. That doesn’t mean we can’t treat for that issue, but we don’t want to include (and charge for) a service that isn’t needed. It’s the AFFORDABLE part of our motto!

Do you treat for termites and carpenter ants?

Absolutely! These wood destroying insects can cause serious and costly damage to your home so getting them treated properly and quickly is very important!


I have been a Pest Wranglers customer for years. Always professional, reliable, effective, and affordable. Highly recommend!

Macklin C

We are very pleased with Pest Wranglers’ work. Steve came out and was extremely knowledgeable about our problem and explained the most effective way to tackle it. We absolutely will be using Pest Wranglers for our future needs. Very honest, reasonably priced, and excellent customer service. Given COVID quarantine, visiting with Steve was one of the most enjoyable social interactions I’ve had since March 2020!

Clay S
They do a great job. If they miss something Steve and the crew dont have any issues with coming back. Always putting the customers first with great customer service and even taken care of my lil Dachshund with a treat for her. Would not recommend anyone else in the business besides PEST WRANGLERS.
Orlando M